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Winter Wiper Blades Versus Conventional Blades

Did you know there is a distinct difference between regular wiper blades and wiper blades made specifically for winter weather?

Winter blades are manufactured with a rubber that stays flexible in freezing conditions. This keeps the blade from becoming brittle and stiff. The arms of the wiper are made of a heavy metal to help push the snow and ice off the windshield, and the blade and arms are designed to limit ice from forming and clogging and dragging the blades. Clogged blades do not clean the windshield, but rather leaves streaks across the windshield.

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What To Consider When Choosing Between Sand And Salt For Traction Control

When winter comes around, you are most likely to be faced with the menace of snow and ice-filled roads and driveways. To be prepared for these harsh conditions you need to ensure your winter car kit is working. Salt and sand are both used for providing traction, but work differently with different results. For beginners, rock salt is not your ordinary table salt but the mineral form of sodium chloride.
• Whereas salt works by melting ice, sand provides traction to your tires by pouring it on the surface of the ice.
• Salts works in temperatures of 12 degrees F and…
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Use These Tips to Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Hitting the open highway for a road trip is one of America's favorite pastimes. For years we have been touring the highways and byways and exploring the back roads that make our country so interesting. But before you head out on your trip, take a little extra time to make sure that you are nice and prepared.

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Understanding your Dashboard Warning Light Definitions

Every modern car is fitted with electronic gadgets that monitor the vehicle, making our monitoring work easy. Sometimes when you see the dashboard light, you might not be able to tell what exactly is wrong. In most cases, car dashboard light tries to warn of a problem with the car, and it saves you a lot because you know before the car breaks down.


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